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ServiceNow SPM is the New ITBM: New Features that Come with the Name Change

As a leading technology company, ServiceNow continuously adapts to reflect best practices across industries—in both practical and innovative ways....

ServiceNow Partner Perspective - Part 6: Essential Strategies for Strategic Portfolio Management

Today’s enterprises must be able to invest in digital transformation beyond the IT department and empower their entire workplace—regardless of the...

5 Key Ways Digital Transformation Enables Pharmaceutical Companies to Better Manage Their Reputation and Brand

Every day, pharmaceutical companies deliver life-saving care and fund breakthrough research that improves patients’ lives. Unfortunately, the...

ServiceNow SPM is the New ITBM: What’s in a Name Change?

A savvy IT leader frames digital transformation as a strategic business initiative.  As a business full of savvy IT leaders, ServiceNow knows what...

5 Ways Companies Can Better Manage Clinical Trials with Digital Transformation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Managing clinical trials in the pharmaceutical industry is never a walk in the park. There are regulatory and compliance hurdles to overcome,...

5 Key Ways Digital Transformation in the Pharmaceutical Industry is Improving Compliance and Risk Management

The last thing a pharmaceutical company wants to grapple with is a compliance violation or a security threat. When these challenges occur, they...

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