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Higher Education – The Customer Profile

In a sea of technology fueled industry disruptions, Higher Education remains steadfast.  Built on reputations that go back generations,...

How ServiceNow Workflows are Built Across Enterprise Software

ESM is the new ITSM.   Enterprise Service Management platforms like ServiceNow fundamentally changed the business landscape. From initial customer...

Exponential Acceleration and a Good Defense

As we emerge from the pandemic, I’ve been thinking about the term “exponential acceleration.” Last year, the world saw exponential acceleration...

Three Tips to Get the Most Out of the Service Desk at Your Long-Term Care Facility

The healthcare industry is evolving rapidly to create room for digital solutions. Long-term care is no different, and when you notice the benefits...

ServiceNow Basics - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

Ok, so maybe "everything" is an overstatement. Because to ACTUALLY capture everything would require a Ph.D. – but this article is a good place to...

Meet the Women of Crossfuze


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