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ServiceNow Partner Perspective - Part 7: What Is SecOps, and Why Do You Need It?

In today’s continuously changing environment, it’s not enough to have excellent IT solutions. You also need robust security to ensure everything goes...

Get to Pro: ServiceNow ITSM vs. ITSM Pro

ServiceNow is the gold standard of IT service management (ITSM) for a reason. With its comprehensive cloud-based framework and continuously evolving...

5 Strategies Pharmaceutical Companies Should Use to Manage Resources and Demand

The pharmaceutical industry routinely makes significant, long-term R&D investments. And for better or worse, a positive ROI is never a given. In...

ServiceNow SPM is the New ITBM: New Features that Come with the Name Change

As a leading technology company, ServiceNow continuously adapts to reflect best practices across industries—in both practical and innovative ways....

ServiceNow Partner Perspective - Part 6: Essential Strategies for Strategic Portfolio Management

Today’s enterprises must be able to invest in digital transformation beyond the IT department and empower their entire workplace—regardless of the...

5 Key Ways Digital Transformation Enables Pharmaceutical Companies to Better Manage Their Reputation and Brand

Every day, pharmaceutical companies deliver life-saving care and fund breakthrough research that improves patients’ lives. Unfortunately, the...

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